We are pioneers in the geoduck industry. We have been involved with developing the fishery for over 20 years. Back when we started, the world didn’t really know what a geoduck was. The boats would leave port to dive unknown waters. The captains where armed with harvest orders to get as many pounds as they could. Prices were cheap, and quality unknown. As years have gone by, we have worked alongside our competitors to grow and develop our fishery into what we have today. A quality driven fishery, producing one of the most valuable and sought after culinary delicacies on earth. Now Washington State is known as the premium fishery for geoduck. Still to this day, we are pioneering live tanking systems, better harvest methods, less invasive practices, optimized packaging, and logistical solutions. Even traceability and management software are developed at our headquarters. Research and development is in our company’s DNA.

About the same time we got started, a few companies set out to see if they could farm geoduck on the tidelands of South Puget Sound. We took notice. Sharing our pioneering spirit we all had something in common. With many failures and a rough road behind, these pioneers have found success. Geoduck farmers are responsible for creating a sustainable premium food source, and jobs in our community. They are all giving us a better understanding of our waters and the environment we live in.

Leading in Aquaculture

In 2005 we teamed up with Seattle Shellfish, now the largest producer of farmed geoduck in the world. The result was an alliance between two pioneers. Joining Alaska Ice Seafoods allowed them to do what they do best, farming. With 40 years’ experience in marketing seafood, our founder David Hearn had one goal. Educate the marketplace why farmed geoduck is superior to wild. Shortly after, farmed geoduck became more valuable than wild. As they say, the rest is history.

our team grows

Today we are working with 6 aquaculture companies, together we control roughly 60% of the farmed geoduck supply in the United States. Each one of these farmers is a vital component to our system. We work as a team. We have the only year round, sustainable, and consistent supply of premium Geoduck on earth. Without these partnerships, Alaska Ice Seafoods would not be who we are today. We are the premium brand, and everyone involved works around the clock to keep it that way.

Learn more about our farmers on our PARTNERS page.